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Todays the National Cinema Day

The Day of Azerbaijani National Cinema-August 2- was established at the decree of president of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev of 18 December 2000. This date was chosen not by accident. The matter is that the history of Azerbaijani cinematography starts not in 1916 when the film "Power of oil and millions" was put on air, but much earlier.

Though most are used to consider this event the start of the epoch of cinema in Azerbaijan, the first films appeared on air in 1898. At that time, Lumiere's "improved cinematography" appeared in Baku just in two years after this kind of art was created.

The first public presentation of the film was held on August 2. It was organized by photographer A.M.Mischon. He made films about the life of native Baku, including "Fire at Bibi Eybat", "Oil fountain on Balakhany-Sabunchu field", "Caucasian Dance" and others.

In 1923, the Azerbaijani Photo-Cinema Office was established. That time the Office had cinemas Aircraft, Edison, Million, Ladya and Miner.

In 1924, the Office screened a film titled "Legend of the Maiden Tower", consisting of two series (director V.V. Vallyuzek).

The Office was later named as Azdovletkino (1926-1930), Azerkino (1930-1933), Azfilm (1933), Azdovletsanayesi (1934), Azerfilm (1935-1940) and Baki kinostudiyasi (1941-1959). From 1961, it's named the J. Jabbarli Azerbaycanfilm film studio.

Today the Azerbaijani cinema marks its 114th anniversary after passing through difficult times.


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