The chairman

Shafiga Hashim oglu Mammadov was born on 30 March 1945 in the city of Derbent Russian Federation.
 In 1962 he left school. The same year entered the Azerbaijan State Theater Institute named after M.A.aliyev faculty "of actor of Musical theater". In 1967 he graduated from the institute. M. Azizbayov named as a member of the board of the Union of Theatrical Figures of the USSR union of Cinematographers elected secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan dated on May 1967, 3 at the academic National Drama Tetrında actress başlayıb.1968 to seçilib.1969 seçilir.sonradan members.
 In 1980, the actress left the theater, the "Actors art of" teaching at the department head appointed to Azerbaijan State Culture and Art Universitetindəp (former Theater Institute) başlayıb.1985 in the departments on family concerns during the brilliant creativity.
 In 1986, associate professor (by decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR Moscow) in 1991 and was awarded the title of professor (by the decision of the State Committee of the USSR).
 In 1974 ", "Honored artist" in 1982 and" People's artist" named. And in 1982, the USSR State Prizes awarded. April 22, 1981 in Azerbaijan awarded the State Prize of the USSR. A few times by larla was awarded the "Diploma" of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic.
 "Humay" National award by the National film award "Gizil chirag", August 2, 2006 was awarded "with golden medal Theatre worker" in 1995, March 10 in 2004.
 On 29 March 2000 by National Leader Heydar Aliyev awarded Shohrat. 1995-2000 years was deputy chairman of the Commission on Culture, Science and Education of the Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS, the deputy of Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic.
 Since 2001 until today in Baku Music Akademiyyasının professorudur.2013 President Ilham Aliyev awarded the order of "Honor". President scholar. Members of the commission on State awards for Science, Engineering, architecture, Culture and Literature of Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev award commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a member.
 On March 2015, 29 was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the President.
 Shafiga Mammadova, "Dede Gorgud" (Burla khatun), "Our teacher Jabish" (Cəbişin wife), "Çarvadarların traces of" (Saria) unique images and films etc in the name written in golden letters in our movie, "Birthday", (Farida) "Investigation" (Gulya), "Nigella", (Parijahan lady) the "1001th tour".
 From August 2, 2012 until today, is the chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan Republic. Married, has two children named High and Teimour.