Our history

Azerbaijan Union Of Cinematographers established at the event "Cinema and conceptual problems" held at the "NIZAMI" Cinema Center on june 2012, 21.
 The initiative group and board includes union: Shafiga Mammadova, Ayaz Salayev, Jamil Guliyev, Vagif Mustafayev, Eldar Guliyev, Ramiz Fataliyev Mais Agabeyov, Yusif Guliyev, Siyavush Karimi, Mushvig Hatamov, Nariman Mammadov, Oktay World-Gasimov.
 Speaking at the event, Jamil Guliyev noted that the activities of the national films, organization of international symposiums and conferences, film infrastukturunu to form a new Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan Republic to the international arena.
 People's artist of Azerbaijan Shafiga Mammadova said that one of the main problems of the youth in democratic, healthy and cultural environment to achieve the development of Azerbaijani cinema. We brought this issue to the movies, education work must.
 Speaking at the discussion of current situation of Azerbaijani film director Oktay World-Gasimov spoke about the development of this sector is not dependent on one person said: "Film is the product of collective work. I came to cinema at the age of 16, and there have been developing. Every step towards the development of cinematography, including the creation of this structure makes me happy. This means a lot. We have lost a lot, because our unity was only in words. I hope that it will be substituted with actions. More than five years that i was speaking about it".World-Gasimov kinoşünaslıq tradition of being lost and it was noted with regret that modern technology was linked with the problems of Oktay": of Course, we have a lot of failures. I think over the past period, our people and directory were waiting real work from us significant. I Again return to my previous thought. We need to unite".
 Film director Ayaz Salayev noted that figures of cinematography is actually valuable people for the society: "The film, as well as the sale of culture təbligi üçündür.gələcəyə are moving. The future is possible to walk with a solid film. Are values and other important issues. Establishment of such union of the film community was important for creation and development of necessary values. Good that such a society is created, and we are the members of this society".
 Mushfig Hatamov spoke to actual problems of Azerbaijani cinema.
 Film director Vagif Mustafayev was deemed unsatisfactory activity of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan headed by Rustam Ibrahimbeyov: "The existing activities of the Union of Cinematographers union is unsatisfactory, it does not work properly. Analyze and promote the national films and create film environment should. Educating film is also important issue".
 And People's artist Shafiga Mammadova was elected secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan Republic, announced the establishment of the union of Cinematographers, the chairman of icraç after the discussions.