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The Council and Union of Cinematographers of the Republic hold a film festival - PHOTOGRAPHS

The Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan hold a Film Festival jointly with the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Azerbaijan (UCRA), by financial support of the Council in order to widely present the works done by NGOs for promoting the national interests of our country in the international arena and for the development of our culture and various spheres of public life. For this purpose, a Jury, including professional film specialists was formed by the Council.



According to the press service of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a meeting of the Jury has been held today at the Council. Azay Guliyev, Chairman of the Council, Member of Parliament gave detailed information on the activities carried out by the authority he governs, in the direction of the protection of our national interests and the solution of social problems that concern society.

Shafiga Mammadova, USSR State Prize Laureate, People's Artist, Professor, Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers noted that the Council's initiative was praiseworthy and that the festival was being held for the development of the cinema and culture as a whole. Shafiga Mammadova emphasized that cinema is a very effective tool for the enlightenment in all aspects of community life.


Jamil Guliyev, Chairman of the Jury, General Director of Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Honored Artist, Professor, First Secretary of UCRA informed about the works done so far. He stated that the festival serves for the development of aesthetic pleasure, culture and for the announcement of works done in the framework of the projects implemented by financial support of the Council to wide audience. He said that on the 25th of October he made an announcement about the Film Festival. Jamil Guliyev stated that NGOs had applied to the Council in the appropriate order to attend the festival and more than 100 films made in 2008-2016 were presented to the Festival. J. Guliyev noted that members of the Jury assessed each film individually and on a special form based on a 10-point system.


Other members of the Jury - USSR State Prize laureate, honored artist Rafael Gambarov, cinematographer Ulvi Mehdi, honored cultural worker, cinematographer Rashad Gasimov, filmmaker Ilgar Safat made a speech and high appreciated the films made by NGOs. They noted that organizations had made are interesting films on various aspects of social life. Jury members expressed their opinions and suggestions on holding the festival.

The Jury has made a unanimous decision on the organization of the final event, preparation of the drawings of awards and other issues.

It should be noted that the final event and presentation ceremony of the Film Festival will be held at Fairmont Hotel on November 24 at 11:00 o’clock.



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