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"Ali and Nino" was shown on Public Television of Montenegro - Azərbaycan Respublikası Kinematoqrafçılar İttifaqı
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"Ali and Nino" was shown on Public Television of Montenegro

“Ali and Nino” was shown on the first channel (RTCG1) of Public Radio and Television Company of Montenegro with subtitles in the language of that country on the 12th of November.  


 According to the press service of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan Republic, the premiere of the movie in Montenegro was held on the 4th of May of this year with the support of diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in that country, the organization of Azerbaijan-Montenegro Cultural and Economic Center and Azmont Investments. The movie was also shown on the television channel as it was of great interest. During the year, the movie is intended to be shown several times.




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