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The outstanding stage director Amirhuseyn Majidov’s memory is honored - PHOTOS

On November 30, the State Film Fund held an event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of prominent TV host Amirhuseyn Majidov. 


As the press service of the Cinematographers Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan reports, the event held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as well as Cinematographers Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was attended by outstanding figures of culture and art of the republic.

Firstly, a photo exhibition dedicated to the life and creative work of the craftsman was represented to the participants in the foyer.

First secretary of the Cinematographers Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan, honored art worker Jamil Guliyev spoke about the stage director's contributions to the development of national culture. He said that Amirhuseyn Majidov was one of the talented stage directors of Azerbaijani television, a master of his art with his own creative style. The stage director was born on November 30, 1937 in the village of Tudar in the Khizi region, since 1967, his life has been associated with television. He directed such programs as "Eureka", "Health", "Land of Fire", "Lightning", "Women's Club Seadet", "Bookstore", "Pages from Writers' Creativity" and "Morning Meetings". The series of program "Our Classical Heritage" created by him showed on TV screens a return to our literary roots. A. Majidov is also known as the stage director of such television performances as "Barbed wire", "Emerald bird", "Who has a question?" and "Colonel Chabert".

People's artist Saida Guliyeva, Honored Art Worker Maharram Badirzadeh, Doctor of Philology, Professor Gazanfar Pashayev, actor Nadir Huseynov and others gave talk at the event, noting that the great creative figure attached himself to the folklore and ashug art of ozan.

It was noted that the greatest success of A. Majidov, who produced dozens of television programs on the Azerbaijan Television, is associated with the folklore collection "Ozan", which appeared on the screens in 1981. The folklore collection "Ozan" turned into one of the favorite TV shows of the audience for 10 years and opened a new page in the history of Azerbaijan Television, creating a new artistic and aesthetic TV atmosphere. This show reintroduced our national values, ashug art, our customs and traditions on the screens, was welcomed by the audience with great interest.

It was also noted that the plays of the author of five books were performed in different theaters of our republic.

A video clip about the life and activity of the stage director was shown at the event.



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